Plane crash near Smolensk


Poland intends to pick up the pieces of the presidential plane crashed 6 years ago

Poland has declared his intention to return to the wreckage of the aircraft that crashed near Smolensk.

10 April 2010, the aircraft on board of which the Polish president was wrecked near Smolensk, killing all crew members and passengers, including Lech Kaczynski. In the course of the investigation, it was possible to establish that the crash of the Tu-154M was due to an error on the part of the crew, however, the Polish side has so far refused to accept the version as official, admitting that all data and information are fabricated.

On the eve of the afternoon, the representatives of Poland declared their intention to return the wreckage of a passenger airliner that had fallen in Russia in any accessible way, including involving representatives of the EU and NATO in the talks.