MLRS of Russia


Poland counted in Russian armament more than 3,5 thousand tanks, 7,3 thousand infantry fighting vehicles and over 4,8 thousand MLRS of all types

In Poland, for the first time, the number of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and MLRS in service with Russia was estimated.

Poland's unrest regarding possible clashes with Russia forced Polish experts to analyze the amount of weapons in the Russian army. Before the analysis of Russian weapons, the unrest in Poland was quite large, however, after the final report was published, this caused a real panic.

According to the Polish information publication "Defense24", today the Russian army has more than 3,5 thousand tanks, more than 7,3 thousand units of infantry fighting vehicles, and also has more than 4,8 thousand units in service. MLRS. This figure is far from final, since according to the plans for the supply of equipment to the armament of the Russian army, this year alone the Russian troops should receive about 400 infantry fighting vehicles and over a hundred tanks.

The published report caused serious concern on the Polish side, since this weapon is more than enough to completely defeat the NATO force grouping in Europe, and given the introduction of new missile systems into service with the Russian army and the sending of the latest fighters to the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Russian army in general can be conditionally considered invulnerable.

And more than 10 thousand tanks that are in reserve and mothballed t-000 t-80 of various modifications and t-72 is a huge legacy from the USSR, Borisov himself spoke about this, former deputy Shoigu