Poland officially accused Russia of annexing

The President of Poland accused Russia of annexing.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda, while on a visit to the United States of America, spoke at a press conference in the White House, in which he officially accused Russia of annexing Poland, stressing that thanks to such a partner as the United States, Russia can finally be openly opposed.

In his speech, President Andrzej Duda noted that Russia is the “friend” of Poland and its neighbor, however, the threat from Russia is real.

“Russia is a friend of Poland, Russia is a great neighbor of Poland, but ... Russia will always wish to seize our territory, this was the case in the 20 century, and this is happening now. Our friendship with Russia is quite complicated. We are part of the West, and we thank the USA for its support. ”- said Duda during a press conference.

In fact, the President of Poland officially accused Russia of intending to seize the country, but experts point out that Duda’s statement is due to an attempt to pressure Russia, and this is not the first statement made by the Polish authorities, but somehow reinforce his words the authorities of this country have failed.

“These allegations are nothing more than provocations. It is likely that thanks to them, Poland intends to strengthen its interaction with the United States and get support from Trump. ”, - the analyst notes.

He could accuse Russia of annexing the territories in favor of Poland, for a change.

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