Nuclear strike


Poland: Russia is unable to launch a nuclear strike on the United States

Poland debunked the possibility of a nuclear strike by Russia.

Contrary to the fact that in recent years, Russia's nuclear potential has increased significantly, not to mention the appearance of new weapons, Poland has stated that Russia has no opportunity to launch a nuclear strike on the territory of the United States.

“According to representatives of the Polish analytical center, to date, the Russian nuclear arsenal has not been able to reach the expected level. Similar statements were made at the Warsaw Institute after the non-launch of the K-44 Ryazan nuclear submarine of the 667BDR Kalmar project. The center is convinced that the non-launch of this rocket demonstrates that "not everything is working properly in the Russian nuclear triad." Because of this, experts say, Moscow will insist on upgrading weapons as soon as possible. ”, - reported the media with reference to Polish resources.

How objective this opinion is is unknown, but experts pay attention to the fact that, besides the USA, Russia no longer has any significant opponents against whom nuclear weapons could be used, and therefore, Poland is mistaken about the fact that Russia lacks the possibility of a nuclear strike.