Disaster near Smolensk


Poland is once again working on the version of the explosion of the aircraft Kaczynski

Poland again decided to check Kaczynski’s plane for traces of explosives.

As it became known to Avia.pro, Poland made an official request from the British laboratory about the need to conduct another inspection of the wreckage of the Tu-154 aircraft that crashed near Smolensk, in order to detect traces of explosives. The official response from the British specialists has not yet been received, however, independent experts do not see any need for this, as if the primary analysis did not show any results, then when re-checking the probability of detecting any traces of explosive substances will be even less.

It should be clarified that Poland strongly disagrees with the version that the main reason for the crash of the Tu-154 near Smolensk is due to the error of the crew members.