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Poland did not launch Russian military aircraft with help for Italy

Poland refused to let Russian military aircraft into its airspace with help for Italy.

Poland blocked the access of Russian military aircraft to its airspace, after the latter tried to deliver humanitarian aid, medical equipment and specialists to Italy. For this reason, Russian military transport aviation had to make a huge circle, following through the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea.

“If you ask why our planes, with help for Italy, needed to fly across the southern borders of our great Motherland to save Italian citizens from an insidious infection, making a hefty detour, and not directly from the Chkalovsky airfield, then the answer is simple - the proud Polish gentry did not give permission for the flight of our Il-76 through the airspace of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth "- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

Given the current data, experts believe that Poland specifically opposes any attempts by Russia to provide any assistance to European states, despite the difficult situation, and one of the circumstances of this may be that Poland fears the lifting of possible sanctions against Russia.

“It's not only stupid, but completely reckless. Russia is helping everyone in need, regardless of whether it is an ally of Russia or a member of NATO. It’s possible that in the near future Poland itself will ask for help ”, - the expert marks.