Polish truckers blocked the supply of 200 pickup trucks and kits for the production of UAVs to Ukraine

According to the Associated Press, important supplies for the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being delayed at the Polish border. Drone components, communications equipment, about 200 pickup trucks for transporting ammunition and evacuating the wounded, and 3000 tourniquets are stuck at the border. The organization in charge of supplies has so far delivered drones, generators and batteries from its stockpile, but they are running low.

The situation is complicated by protests from Polish truckers who question the legitimacy of cargo declared as military aid. They accuse Ukrainian truckers of providing services at reduced prices, which leads to a deterioration in their own business. Polish truckers are demanding the restoration of EU restrictions on the number of Ukrainian trucks entering the European Union. Despite support for Ukraine from Poland and other countries, this dissatisfaction highlights the challenges Ukraine may face integrating into the European Union in the future.


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