Polish protesters blocked military equipment for Ukraine

The situation on the border between Poland and Ukraine has worsened due to a blockade organized by Polish farmers, which has led to a delay in the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine. As reports with reference to volunteer Nazar Smyk, trucks transporting military equipment for Ukrainian artillerymen have not been able to cross the border for three days. Photos of the trucks posted on social media show the seriousness of the situation.

Protests by Polish farmers began more than a week ago and quickly became widespread, covering most of the country. Farmers are blocking roads and entrances to checkpoints on the border with Ukraine, expressing their dissatisfaction with the embargo on Ukrainian grain. One of the most resonant incidents was the spilling of grain from Ukrainian trucks at the Dorokhusk checkpoint.

The escalation of tensions between the two neighboring countries occurred against the backdrop of the European Commission's decision on September 15, 2023 not to extend restrictions on the import of four types of agricultural products from Ukraine to several EU border countries, while obliging Kyiv to introduce export control measures.

The protesting farmers went further, announcing their intention to block all border crossings with Ukraine, transport hubs and access roads to transshipment railway stations and seaports.


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