The Polish military staged a provocation against the Russian S-400 and Belarusian S-300

The Polish plane worked out the attack on the positions of the Belarusian S-300 and checked the Russian S-400.

Despite the fact that Poland denies any military provocations against neighboring Belarus and Russia, it became known that a few days ago, a Polish, presumably, military aircraft worked out an attack on the Belarusian S-300 air defense systems and checked the combat readiness of the Russian C- 400 deployed in the Kaliningrad region. According to the resource, a small aircraft flew hundreds of meters from the Belarusian border, thereby forcing the radars of air defense systems to activate.

In the photographs presented, published by a number of Belarusian media, you can see how a small light-engine aircraft, and there are similar ones in service with the Polish Air Force, fly literally hundreds of meters from the Belarusian border, doing this purposefully in order to track the work of Belarusian air defense systems. Considering the fact that the Belarusian airspace is also covered by the Russian S-400 air defense systems located in the Kaliningrad region, it is obvious that the provocation was also directed against the Russian Triumphs.

Experts do not exclude that Poland could use its electronic and electronic intelligence equipment in order to monitor the reaction of air defense systems, but so far there have been no official comments on this matter.

It should be noted that last month the Polish military twice violated the borders of the airspace of Belarus.