Polish fighter MiG-29 was fired upon from a 30-mm aircraft cannon

The Polish MiG-29 fighter was fired upon from a 30-mm aircraft cannon.

The fighter MiG-29 of the Polish Air Force was attacked from a 30-mm. aircraft cannon while flying over the central part of the country. As it became known to the news agency, the Polish authorities tried to hide the incident, however, the information quickly leaked to the media, in connection with which, the Polish authorities disclosed some details of the incident.

According to the data presented, on May 14, 2021, during a training flight, a MiG-29 fighter of the Polish Air Force was fired upon by a second similar fighter from a 30-mm. aircraft cannon. There is no data on the damage received by the aircraft at the moment, however, sources report that the pilot of the MiG-29 fighter that opened fire ignored the rules and violated existing instructions, using weapons against another combat aircraft.

It is known that the incident is currently being investigated, however, for a number of reasons, representatives of the Polish Ministry of Defense have not announced any details on this matter.

A number of sources report that the incident occurred during an exercise during which the Polish Air Force practiced countering Russian combat aircraft.


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