They want to imprison a Polish farmer with a Soviet flag for 3 years

In Poland, a scandal erupted over a farmer who, during a nationwide protest, attached a pro-Russian poster and a Soviet Union flag to his tractor, which attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies and could lead to serious legal consequences. The incident was recorded during mass protests by Polish farmers that began on February 9, who expressed their dissatisfaction with government policies, in particular, demanding to stop importing agricultural products from Ukraine.

On one of the tractors a banner was seen with an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a call to “restore order” with Ukraine, Brussels and the Polish authorities, as well as a flag symbolizing the Soviet past. These actions caused a strong reaction in Polish society and became the subject of attention of the prosecutor's office, since they could be regarded as a violation of Article 256 of the Polish Criminal Code. This article provides for liability for public propaganda of totalitarian regimes or incitement to hatred on various grounds, including national, ethnic or religious.

According to preliminary estimates, the farmer could face up to three years in prison for his actions. However, after stopping his tractor and establishing his identity, according to the prosecutor's office, there were no grounds for his procedural detention and all materials were sent for further consideration.


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