“Jews, Turks, and Americans Will Receive”: Russia has announced a massive increase in its presence in Syria

Russia has announced an unprecedented expansion of its military presence in Syria.

Several attempts by Israel, the USA and Turkey to drive Russia out of Syria led to a completely unpredictable result - Russia not only did not weaken its presence in this region, but also began to increase it. As evidenced by the relevant order of Vladimir Putin, in which he instructed the Russian Ministry of Defense to negotiate with the Syrian authorities on the transfer of the Russian military infrastructure to expand the military presence.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to negotiate with Syria on the transfer of additional real estate and water to the Russian military under the agreement on the deployment of the Russian aviation group”- reports "Herald of Damascus", publishing the relevant text of the order.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether Syria will take such a step, especially against the backdrop of dissatisfaction with the Syrian military actions of Russia in negotiations with the terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo, and also against the background of the fact that Russia is negotiating with Israel and the latter deals in Syria missile attacks, in which, in addition to the military and allies, civilians die.

“The expansion of the Russian military presence in Syria will undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble for Jews, Turks, and Americans, who several months ago believed that they dragged Russia into the Syrian swamp. The only question is the fact which steps Russia intends to take in the future. ”, - the expert marks.

The Americans, too, then withdrew their troops, and where are they. Here is the answer. They returned and decided to rob a foreign country as terrorists.

Syria is also a market for our products. We are already exporting wheat.

Our faithful friends are economics and private business. Take your baby slogans out of your head and start thinking.

Ninth was right that Russia was being drawn into a hot world war, which could begin on July 1 after the parade on Red Square

Not shish in your pocket, but control over the economy of this and nearby territory, including Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.

No, so many gardens and schools are not needed. We need to build more social housing, then a few kindergartens and schools

Losing Israel? You cannot lose a friend who is not. And do not have such friends who do not remember the good. Countries have no friends. Our loyal friends are the army and navy!

This is not paid or free help. This is a geopolitical influence.

Additional territories are needed to deploy nuclear missile forces that will turn the situation in favor of Russia

Build kindergartens and schools - no problem! The problem is who will work there! If these boxes are idle, then why are they needed? In addition, when the birth rate drops, which is a fact in the context of an impending crisis, then the current day care centers and schools will not be fully utilized. It was already in the late 90s ...

This is not paid or free help. This is a geopolitical influence.

Russia is obliged to increase its influence and military presence in Syria forever. Syria is becoming a strategic partner and ally of Russia.
From Syria everything is in full view.
The perfect decision of Putin!

Well done Sergey! You think very correctly; - according to the state.

And from what sources do you have such information? Maybe he didn’t pay with money.

What about the Jews? What do they care about expanding Russian bases? I don’t know who was supposed to drag Russia into the Syrian swamp ... but, expanding its presence there, doesn’t it do it with its own hands?)))

When it seems, you need to be baptized!

After that, Russia will certainly find itself in a swamp up its throat

And what does Assad have to pay for?

1. They are testing new weapons in battle and they will buy these weapons, and this is money for the country. 2. The military maintains combat effectiveness. 3. Do not give the West free to earn money on Syrian oil.

In general, the outcome of the negotiations between Stalin and Hitler was the Molotov-Ribentropp Pact.

But didn’t we even win when Putin flew there, two years ago? We then kind of defeated everyone and withdrew our forces from Syria forever !!! What, again ..?

... no one will get anything there ... unfortunately! Russia's Armed Forces there, at the request of Israel, protects this state from Iran and China ... Look at the sudden warmth between Putin and Netanyahu! If Russia had not been there, the Iranian army, with the support of the PRC, would have stood at the borders of Israel! And Israel is an intermediary in the transfer of funds to Europe ....

As I understand it, the main goal of the Russian Federation has long been achieved (the defeat of the Islamic State), and then what?

Times change! In addition, Russia is not the USSR: the strengths are not the same. so you have to negotiate so as not to harm yourself

The Turks will have trouble, and maybe the Amers, but not the Jews. Everything that Russia does in Syria in the interests of Israel, namely, the destruction of the entire infrastructure of the state.

This was announced in Russia long ago with the advent of Putin, and now many kindergartens and schools are being built. Security reaches up to 90%. This acute problem has already been resolved.

And what did you get something before when you weren’t in Syria?))) Let our military even learn how to fight, otherwise they would eat away their bellies without normal service,

Why do we need schools and children. gardens, if the population is declining?

First of all, the Russians will receive
shish in your pocket.
after another free military aid to Syria
Assad, as he did not pay, so he is not going to pay ....
Glory to Russia

Russia as a people cannot say something, the president says

Through the rights of a referendum, citizens of Syria and Russia let Syria into the 16th socialist republic of the USSR

It would be better if Russia announced the large-scale construction of kindergartens and schools.

Negotiations with terrorists ..? It looks like Hitler’s talks with Stalin. Dear Stalin, he did not allow such an opportunity, not like negotiations!

It is unlikely that Putin would have given such an order from the floundering bay, from the condachka. Surely there were preliminary agreements and now we just have to formalize the extension formally, legally, and documented. "Experts" should look at the world wider, beyond their own noses and personal attitudes, motives, features. Do not judge Putin by yourself.

Something seems to me that in Syria, Russia is trying to sit on two chairs, and sooner or later it will end badly for us. We will lose both Syria and Israel, I’m not talking about the Turks - there is no friend and this is not a friend !!!