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Flights to Egypt may be postponed again

Flights to Egypt may be postponed until the summer season.

According to information of the news agency, Russian experts have tried to carry on the territory of the airport complex dummy explosive device, however, due to increased security measures, staff air port could stop the repeated attempts of the Russian experts, however, say official sources, the actions of the airport staff were unsatisfactory, since the detection of plaster casts, evacuation of people from the danger zone has been made does not, which is quite a flagrant violation.

Official Russian side's position on this issue is that sounded was not, however, experts believe that the date of commencement of flights to Egypt again can move.

And no one doubts that Egypt is not open ... Politics, gentlemen, politika.Da yet now our Crimea and the Olympics in Sochi should be potratilis.Otbivat the grandmother !!!

And who does not have and does not doubt.