masked stewardess


Netizens were amazed by the beauty of the flight attendant in protective equipment

Netizens noted the beauty of Russian flight attendants in the new realities of the pandemic. 

The posts of flight attendants are analyzed and commented on by millions of social media users. People admire the work of flight attendants for their courage during a pandemic, because even one infected person can spread the virus to an entire plane, which leads to certain risks in this profession.

stewardess in protection

  • exiledwurzel:  sending you LOVE (sending you love)
  • burden8921: You look amazin (look amazing)
  • Kgd4345:  Hope your safe & well ..?
  • shaposhnikov_krsk: The mask and gloves are super class. 1 billion compliments. :-)

  • go_tokiku: Thank you for your support✈️ (Thanks for your support)
  • tavno1: Beautiful


The flight attendants themselves note the following:

  • a_nnie.mi: Masks, gloves, antiseptics, special working conditions ... We will remember this year for a long time ...
  • a_nnie.mi: I wanted to make red lips today, but I looked in the mirror and realized that red eyes are quite enough