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The impact of PGU-14 B ammunition into the T-80 tank was demonstrated on video

Experts showed what the consequences of a PGU-14 / B ammunition hitting a T-80 tank look like.

Despite the fact that the T-80 tank has good armor, it turned out that the American PGU-14 / B ammunition is capable of causing serious damage to an armored combat vehicle. The corresponding video was shown by specialists who showed a simulation of the damage received by the side wall of the tank's armor when a 30-mm bullet hit it. ammunition.

On the presented video, you can see a simulation of the process of getting the PGU-14 / B ammunition into the T-80 tank. As a result of hitting 30 mm. ammunition PGU-14 / B in the armor of the T-80 tank, the projectile could not penetrate the latter, however, inflicted critical damage on the tank. This, given the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft (and the simulation was made for this aircraft) of the GAU-8 / A Avenger aircraft gun, capable of firing 3900 rounds per minute, is almost guaranteed to lead to the destruction of this heavy armored combat vehicle.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the simulation did not take into account an important factor - today there are a large number of variants of T-80 tanks. Moreover, the latter variants have very effective protection even against anti-tank missile systems, and therefore, the current demonstration is more likely to refer only to the first variants of the T-80 tank.