Laptop on a plane


It will be difficult to get on a plane with a laptop

The Ministry of Transport will prohibit the transport of laptops and mobile phones in the cabin for free.

According to the existing information, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation intends to prohibit laptops and mobile phones to be carried free of charge in hand luggage, which means that a number of domestic carriers may require passengers to present the contents of bags, which obviously infringes the rights of citizens.

According to experts, amendments to the legislation will not find support, since in fact they violate the rights of citizens, however, it is possible that with the appropriate weight of gadgets, their transportation will not be a problem, at least in the final version of the bill.

It should be clarified that not so long ago it became known that the Ministry of Transport allowed to carry free rucksacks as hand luggage.

The news written crazy? Not only was not banned, but even did not intend to do this

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And why do not they take 500 for passport transportation?

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