Airliner caught in turbulence turned into a meat grinder for passengers

Because of the turbulence of the Airbus A330 aircraft, 15 passengers were seriously affected.

According to the portal, the passenger airliner Airbus A330, owned by the airline "Aerolinas Argentinas", during the flight from Miami to Buenos Aires got into severe turbulence. As can be seen in the video frames presented, the strongest shaking on board the aircraft became the real meat grinder for the people here - the passengers' belongings, carry-on luggage, dishes, parts of the aircraft’s inner skin - all this caused serious injuries and injuries to passengers.


According to the information that appeared, 15 people were seriously injured and injured, and we are talking not only about bruises and abrasions, but also about open fractures, craniocerebral injuries, damage to the upper integument, etc. By a happy coincidence, victims were avoided.

The passengers aboard the aircraft tell in social networks that the crew of the passenger airliner provided all possible assistance to the injured, and upon arrival all of them were transferred to bail of medical personnel. According to preliminary data, nine people had to be hospitalized in a local health care facility.

At the beginning of 0-x I had to fly from Moscow to Novosibirsk, well, in the middle of the way the liner (IL-86) got for a few minutes into serious turbulence. Just out of the seats did not throw out. But there was no talk of a meat grinder - nothing (and no one) flew through the cabin. The passengers, perhaps, were scared, but there were no shouts. And I consoled myself with the fact that the planes are now being designed taking into account high-altitude turbulent phenomena, and therefore the situation is regular, so there is nothing particularly afraid of.

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