Russian military aircraft


The popularity of Russian military aircraft due to their uniqueness

Experts explained the reason for the great interest for the Russian combat aircraft.

According to experts, the Russian military planes were able to prove itself with the best hand, because in fact, the aircraft can perform most of the tasks, while the other defense aircraft manufacturers only heading in that direction. Moreover, the Russian military aircraft cost is much lower than that of their Western counterparts, while their operational efficiency is much higher.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that more Russian planes, and it especially comes to the Su-34 and Su-35, were able to establish itself during the combat operations against radical grouping "Islamic state" in Syria, which resulted in the signing of contracts the supply of military aircraft to India and China.

Funny, funny ... "By an order of magnitude" is 10 times? And "Efficiency is higher" ?? Just the First of April !!!



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