Revenge attempt? Published footage of the attack of American Apache helicopters on the Russian military

American combat helicopters tried to interfere with the Russian military and were about to attack a convoy of Russian equipment.

After the Russian military, unwittingly, humiliated the American army by ramming an American armored vehicle with a multi-ton APC, as a result of which four US military personnel were injured, Washington decided to take revenge and recoup the Russian military - at least two attack helicopters tried to interfere with the convoy of the Russian military carry out a combat mission to patrol the northern part of Syria and even intended to attack a Russian patrol.

“During the next patrol in Hasek by the forces of the RF Armed Forces Military Police, the American side committed new provocations. Two AH-2 Apache combat helicopters, violating the agreements on the interaction of the parties, accompanied the Russian convoy. Apparently, the command of the International Coalition, after serious physical and mental injuries to their servicemen, are not abandoning their attempts to control the movement of Russian patrols, but now they are not creating obstacles on the ground. Curiously, yesterday the American Apache made an emergency landing in the same region. It is not known whether the well-known confrontation between Russia and the United States will continue in the air, but the fact that Russia has noticeably pressed the Americans on the ground in the Trans-Euphrates is a fact. ", - this is reported by Telegram, the channel of the Russian information publication Russian Vesna.

An attempt to violate the agreements between the Russian and American military could be a very big mistake for the United States, since Russia can close the airspace over the northern and eastern parts of Syria and attack any targets without warning, since Russian troops are in Syria on completely legal grounds.