Attempted military coup in Armenia - General Staff refused to obey Pashinyan's orders

An attempt at a military coup began in Armenia.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced a military coup in the country. Pashinyan's statement came after the General Staff of Armenia delivered an ultimatum to Pashinyan and the current government of the country, demanding that they immediately resign. According to the data presented, in response to a similar statement from the Armenian General Staff, Pashinyan dismissed the head of the department, however, the latter, according to local sources, refused to obey Pashinyan's orders.

At the moment, there is a very aggravated situation on the territory of Armenia, in particular, both supporters and opponents of the current Prime Minister of Armenia gather in the city squares, which, given the acceptance of the protesters by the Armenian military, can result in very serious clashes.

Earlier, the Armenian General Staff called Pashinyan's statement about the ineffectiveness of Russian weapons as complete nonsense, after which demands were made for Pashinyan's immediate resignation.

Experts believe that in the next 24 hours a very aggravated situation will be observed throughout the territory of Armenia.