Ukrainian Air Force Fighter


Poroshenko Russia threatened air strikes

Yushchenko threatens Russian air strikes.

On the eve of the day Peter Poroshenko has officially declared that in case of such a need, in relation to Russia can be applied means of military aviation, and, it was more talked about "deterrence of aggression", however, the Ukrainian president did not specify what exactly he means by his words.

Experts have called the Ukrainian leader's words are not more than an empty boast, because certain known that most of the Air Force of Ukraine is in a state of disrepair, not to mention the military application, while, if you still leader of the country will be decided on this unfounded step, the answer is likely to follow immediately.

It's a pity our work done for this child-killers aircraft-handsome

Not really in the Ukraine there is no sober people -Head. It seems I'm glad it's solid House number 6.

Parade Poroshenko nonsense continues. When you tell Peter anything clever.
Your aviation - is nothing compared to ours. Only sunsya - from the Ukraine will be dust.