Landing on the "belly" in Vnukovo 07.08.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX

Yesterday night at the Vnukovo airport made an emergency landing of the Chelender-100 board on the "belly".

The video was filmed by eyewitnesses of the incident. The front landing gear of the Challenger 100 business class aircraft did not come off. The crew decided to circle over the airport until the fuel was depleted in order to soon land on the "belly" of the aircraft. According to Vesti, there were 10 people on board: 3 crew members and 7 passengers. No harm done. Airport services filled the runway with special foam and the plane landed successfully. All emergency services were on duty at the strip, but their help was not needed. There was no fire, even the fuselage was not badly damaged. A few hours later, the plane was towed, and the runway was reopened.


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