After the bombing of the US base by the Syrian air force, the Israeli air force and air defense are brought to the highest alert

Israel is afraid of being attacked by Syrian fighters.

Attacked shortly before midnight, the American military base Al-Tanf, which is, in fact, the largest US military facility in Syria, forced Israel to bring its air defense units to the highest degree of combat readiness. The situation is similar with the IDF combat aviation. This is primarily due to the fact that Israel is expecting probable air and missile strikes both on the territory of the country itself and on the territory of the Golan Heights occupied by Israeli troops.

According to the information available to the news agency, the intelligence of the United States and Israel had information that the territory of the Al-Tanf base would be hit tonight, however, it was expected that the attack would be from the ground. According to preliminary data, the American side has no casualties, since most of the American military was evacuated, but now strikes can also be delivered on Israeli territory.

According to some reports, literally immediately after the attack on the American military garrison, Israeli Air Force fighters began to demonstrate high activity on the border with Syria. This indicates that the Israel Defense Forces are aware of the gravity of the current attack. Moreover, given the fact that Israel was directly responsible for inflicting past strikes on Syria, strikes on the territory of the Jewish state can be much more numerous and powerful.

the Syrians were not the first to start. hardly anyone in the world (except the Americans) will stand up for Israel.

Yes, the very appearance of the state of Israel on the map was largely due to Stalin and Truman.

Performance by mutual agreement. Strange War 2.

And we are not afraid of ANYONE! AND EVEN Israel!

If the Jews want, there will be nothing left of Syria, an empty space.

If the big bosses did not climb here - Israel would be within its natural boundaries - from 1922.

understand your "patriotism", BUT !! your economy will not survive two days of a good war without American help. Taking into account the fact that as soon as hostilities against Israel begin, riots will immediately begin in Palestine and the whole Islamic world will stir, and this is the end of Israel! Therefore, I do not advise you to engage in "shapkozakidiyam" (nothing personal, just an analysis of the situation)

If not for the protection of big bosses, Israel has long ceased to exist

Russians called and said dump the base in 15 minutes. the Americans jumped on jeeps and dumped. Now we have come to restore.

The air defense of Israel cannot shoot down the ancients, if the Syrians want, they can return the Jews to the Middle Ages, although then there was Palestine and not Israel

Scary as much horror ........ Lord, when you realize that Israel is not afraid of ANYONE. We protect ourselves and do not rely on anyone

So was "garrison" or "evacuated" !?
Hit the sands with a fence ?!