Defender destroyer


After the incident with the invasion of the British destroyer "Defender", the chief of staff of the Black Sea Fleet was removed from his post

Sources report the removal from his post of the chief of staff of the Black Sea Fleet after the incident with the British "HMS Defender".

The Russian information resource "BMPD" reports that after the incident with the invasion of Russian territorial waters off the Crimean coast by the British missile destroyer "HMS Defender", Rear Admiral Igor Smolyak was removed from the post of chief of staff of the Black Sea Fleet. According to the information resource, he was subsequently appointed deputy commander of the Baltic Fleet, which is a demotion. Information on this matter has not yet received official confirmation.

“There are rumors that Rear Admiral Igor Smolyak, removed from his post as Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet after the incident with the passage of the British destroyer Defender, has been appointed Deputy Commander of the Baltic Fleet. This is a demotion, since the chief of staff of the fleet is the first deputy commander ", - said in the material published by "BMPD".

It should be noted that the incident with the invasion of a British missile destroyer into Russian territorial waters is very serious. At the same time, it is still unknown how the escort ships were able to let the warship into Russian waters, keeping in close proximity to it.

Just about "Power, brother, in peace" wrote TASS on June 14. And on June 22, it all began. 28 million lives were lost. For the sake of "peace of mind" .....

Clear is beautiful, if the pasetz is in our territorial waters, then he is under our control)) And the longer this “cruiser” of the paset is there, the more faithfully we herd it))

old boys still haven't played enough tanks and boats

Everything was very competent. They showed that the cruiser was under control and without unnecessary emotions. Shooting was also superfluous. Strength, brother, in calmness and firmness. Whoever saw something in the 90s, he knows. DO NOT wave the trunks, warned firmly and said goodbye, let them think, knead the brain, THEY, What and how, there is a message.

In the previous note, it is indicated that they almost sunk Defender. Was it for this that they removed - for "almost" or for "did not sink"?
Or for the fact that they could not catch up, and Defender continued to follow his course despite the shooting and drying flights?

If our cruiser entered the territorial waters of Britain or the United States, then the cruiser would be sent to the bottom with a rocket, and they would be 100% right

He's not rocket.
This is an air defense destroyer.