After mass protests in China, local residents burned down a COVID quarantine camp

Residents of China, dissatisfied with the anti-COVID measures, burned down a camp for COVID patients in Lanzhou.

A specially built Chinese camp for citizens suffering from COVID infection was completely destroyed after residents of the Chinese province of Lanzhou set it on fire. The camp was designed to contain a huge number of people, however, due to the peculiarities of its construction, the fire almost instantly spread to the quickly erected buildings, destroying several hundred places where COVID-patients stayed.

Video footage shows the moment of a fire at a camp for COVID patients in Lanzhou, China. It is known that the fire that started was assigned almost the highest category of danger, because due to the high density of the places of residence, the fire quickly began to spread from one building to another. It is known that as a result of the arson, none of those in the camp was injured.

Despite the fact that the PRC authorities have begun to lift a number of anti-COVID restrictions, mass protests in China continue - despite Beijing's concessions, the number of protesters on the streets of Chinese cities has by no means decreased.


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