After an unsuccessful attempt to invade Russian waters, the United States staged a new provocation, but with a strategic bomber

The United States deliberately created another provocation near the Russian borders.

After the night before American missile destroyer tried to violate the Russian border and almost rammed a Russian large anti-submarine ship that blocked its path, it became known about another provocation organized by the Pentagon, but with the participation of at least one strategic bomber B-1B Lancer.

According to publicly available monitoring resources, tonight the American strategic bomber B-1B Lancer made a provocation at a relatively small distance for these types of aircraft from the Russian borders, approaching them at a distance of about 300 kilometers. The incident took place near Kamchatka. At the same time, judging by the further flight route of the US Air Force strategic bomber, the provocation was created deliberately. Obviously, this was a response to the actions of the Russian military to intercept the American missile destroyer.

"Currently, a single B-1B Lancer bomber is flying along Kamchatka (the distance to the coast did not exceed 320 km) in the direction of Japan-Philippine Sea"- reports "Telegram" community "Notes of the hunter."

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the approach of the American strategic bomber to the Russian borders. Given such actions on the part of the Pentagon, Russia can prepare a rather tough response for the United States.

The American military is like teenagers who have seen enough action cartoons. These teenagers (and the military) do not feel the difference between games and real life. It is very likely that the chiefs of these military men, having a low level of upbringing and education, do not interfere with the actions of their subordinates.

This is how, half joking, half seriously, the Americans can start a real war. Because, apart from absolutely not convincing arguments, we dare not oppose the Americans with absolutely nothing. Was it possible during the USSR.

The border has not been violated, and there is nothing to discuss.

"After an unsuccessful attempt to invade Russian waters," why unsuccessful, caused another negative among the population towards the country's leadership. Only speak and know how, nothing more!

Until they really scare - it will be every day. They see that Russia is really afraid to answer. And you can make fun of those who are scared.