After new US strikes, the Taliban said they would shoot down all American planes

The Taliban have said they are moving to hunting American aircraft.

After the US Air Force launched surprise attacks on territories controlled by the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.), Disrupting the encirclement of Kandahar, the Taliban announced that they were now starting to hunt for American aircraft and helicopters. This could threaten the United States with very serious losses, since the American military took far from all the equipment from Afghanistan, planning to take it out in the near future.

US Navy F / A-18C fighters attacked Kandahar, Arghandab and Shah Walikot in Kandahar province the day before, according to the news agency The attacks reportedly destroyed significant Taliban forces. At the same time, the Taliban operation to take control of Kandahar was also thwarted.

In response to the actions of the United States, the Taliban threatened to attack American aircraft, and today the jihadists have a large number of portable anti-aircraft missile systems, there are anti-aircraft guns, etc. This can lead to serious losses for the United States.

Good news.

But this is wonderful - "zinc" will go to the States again.