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After the withdrawal of Russian troops, the Armed Forces of Ukraine unleashed powerful blows on the DPR and LPR

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched fierce attacks on Donbass after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

After Russia began to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian borders, it became known that the Ukrainian side not only did not reduce tensions near the Russian borders and in the Donbass, but also intensified strikes on the territories of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

According to the data available to the news agency, less than a day after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to use their barreled artillery to strike various areas of Donbass, where the positions of the people's militia of the DPR and LPR are located.

It is known that the settlement of Staromikhaylovka and its environs were subjected to the most fierce attacks from the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted dozens of artillery strikes, while it is known about losses among the forces of the militia.

According to Russian journalists, the settlement of Gorlovka was also hit - the strikes were delivered both with the use of barreled artillery and with the use of large-caliber mortars.

"Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling the region of Gorlovka using 152-mm artillery systems, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars"- said in the message.

Experts do not exclude that the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began precisely with the withdrawal of Russian troops, and in the near future it is quite possible that a large-scale offensive will begin, especially after Kiev's statement that negotiations with the DPR and LPR will not be conducted.

weak ruble exchange rate, not high

Did the right thing. The L / DPR will drag Russia into a conflict that will turn out to be unknown.

Consider what you are saying! They will not have enough strength to reach Odessa and Kiev, they will have to connect Moscow! And this is an open war!

The GDP claimed the benefits of the high ruble exchange rate, since when hydrocarbons are sold over the hill, the treasury fills up faster. And the fact that the people are worse from this they do not care.

An absolutely correct answer.

And that now Putin should help everywhere and everywhere? The so-called DPR and LPR are the territory of Ukraine. They themselves must solve internal problems. After all, Ukraine did not invade the territory of the Russian Federation.

Unfortunately, the troops had to be withdrawn in order to weaken the ruble exchange rate, which fell to 93 r. for the euro and leave the militias to their own devices. For the Kremlin, money is more important than the lives of the Russian people.

The troops took away the equipment, they left it so that, not to carry, this was already noted by the United States.

Not the Air Force, but the Russian Aerospace Forces.

After challenging whom? they are not there.

Don't strain yourself too much, provacateur! Look for a better new owner for yourself, otherwise I'm afraid the old one has not long left!

A task. Provoke the Armed Forces of Ukraine to aggression. Then with a sharp punishing blow to reach Odessa and Kiev. The fictitious withdrawal of troops was promoted for Zelensky. One of the possible situations.

This is the price of cowardice and betrayal.

Everything is going according to Russia's plan !! The betrayal of Donetsk and Luhansk began with this dastardly Minsk agreement.

and where are the OSCE observers? Where is SNN, Air Force?

They lie to all of us ... people in Donbass are being killed, but the media are silent ... they will not be given a salary ...

And that the LDNR members sat in silence and did not answer = bullshit.

That Putin left the DPR?


And who took the troops away. Where and when? The purest water of deception of readers.

They will return just as quickly if the APUs will arrange a bucha there!

Yes, Kiev is not up to the offensive now. The play, with the Armed Forces army brought up to the LPNR, showed that the United States and Europe did not want to shed blood for Ukraine. One Erdogan is still twitching somehow. But it became clear to Putin from which country what to expect.

Is it really incomprehensible that the United States has given the command to launch an offensive, what a not teachable people

If there had been any shelling or an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official sources would have already spoken about this. And the yellow press, which comes up with sensations, etc. for the sake of viewing their pages in order to raise the dough, there is no faith.

It's quiet there, and no one is firing at anyone. please do not be fooled. to misinformation. I call up with relatives and friends every day.

I have relatives there. When I found out about the situation_ started calling everyone, EVERYONE had one answer to my question_ WE HAVE QUIET. NO SHOOTING. question: why escalate the situation? Are the blood that was shed in 2014 not enough for you? Are the distorted destinies of people not enough for you? The answer suggests itself ONE: someone earns good money on this.

There are no such messages anywhere.

this is a decision of a sane Russia of a smart Russia

A strange decision. Even 080808 at the DAM RF did not allow this. On the eyes of the layman, this seems like a retreat and a complete trash .. let's see how the events will actually develop. Perhaps this is just a bait and a trap for the APU?

Don't lie, your relatives in Lviv.

This is false information, my relatives live there

It's funny, you can't say anything ...

Explain HOW?

The answer to your question is possible if you answer the question - who are the people who make decisions, "Own"?

The traitors' plans are set in motion. There is no one to defend the Russians. It seems that the territories are being cleared from the Russian population.

As it got already. Ukraine needs unification with the Russian Federation, and not to fight with Russian-speaking groups.

But how does Russia not abandon its own? Surely Biden came to an agreement with Putin.

Hurray !!! Russians are fleeing from the battlefield, frightened by the Ukrainian troops: "APU".

The Ukrainians have once again confirmed how they need to be dealt with.



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