After Russian frigates intercepted three NATO ships off the Crimea, Spain urgently sent another warship to the Black Sea

NATO decided to destabilize the situation in the Black Sea.

A day earlier it became known that three NATO ships entered the Black Sea and headed northwest, in the direction of the Crimea. To ensure security and to prevent violation of the country's borders, Russia sent its ships to intercept NATO ships, however, obviously, the command of the North Atlantic Alliance decided to aggravate the situation, as a result of which Spain urgently sent Alvaro de Bazan missile frigate to the waters of the Black Sea , which may result in a rather serious confrontation at the Russian borders.

“The Spanish military steamship, the rocket frigate ALVARO DE BAZAN (F101), rushes at full speed to the Black Sea in order to lead the previously motley NATO audience that arrived there off the coast of Bulgaria and it is possible to work out a number of its specific tasks”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

The purpose of the arrival of four NATO ships in the waters of the Black Sea is still unknown, however, Russia will be ready to give a tough answer to any possible provocation. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are almost always present in the waters of the Black Sea, only changing each other in order to comply with the Montreux Convention.

Actually, Crimea from the Bosphorus Strait is located in the northeast direction.