Kazan International Airport


After almost a daily delay cost Kazan - Dalaman held

The flight Kazan - Dalaman was detained for almost 22 hours.

To date, the information resource Avia.pro has become aware that the passenger airliner was still able to fly from the international airport Kazan In the direction of the Turkish city of Dalaman. According to information received from the airport workers, the plane was able to leave the capital airport of Tatarstan in 15 hours 15 minutes, so the delay in the flight was 21 an hour 40 minutes.

As the representatives of the air carrier explained, the flight delay of almost a day was due to a technical malfunction, the details of which were not announced, however, at the moment, all passengers were delivered to their destination, while, for the period of delay, all the clients of the air carrier were provided with the necessary, in particular, food, soft drinks, etc. 


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