Russian military in Armenia


After Azerbaijan's claims, Russia will not deploy its troops in Karabakh

Russia has stated that it will not deploy its troops in Karabakh.

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made claims to Russia regarding the planned deployment of Russian troops in Karabakh, as evidenced by the appearance of a corresponding document on the public procurement website, it became known that the Russian side had no such plans, and the publication of the documents turned out to be a technical error.

Baku said that such actions of the Russian side are unfriendly, since the deployment of Russian troops on the territory of Azerbaijan (according to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry) without Baku's knowledge contradicts all existing agreements.

"It was brought to the attention of the opposite side that such erroneous information does not correspond to the spirit of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries."- said the head of the press service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva.

According to Abdullaeva, after the presentation of the protest note, the Russian side announced that the appearance of such information was erroneous, Russia had no similar intentions and will continue to try not to make such technical mistakes. However, no official response from Russia to Azerbaijan's protest note has yet appeared.


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