After the US recognizes Wagner PMC as a transnational criminal organization, Washington may escalate

The recognition of Wagner PMC as a transnational criminal organization may lead to special operations against a military company.

The actual declaration of the Wagner private military company as a transnational criminal organization allows Washington to legalize its military and special operations against the private military company on the territory of other countries. Experts fear that this was the reason for the recognition of Wagner PMC as a criminal organization, moreover, now any country cooperating with a private Russian military company can automatically fall under US sanctions.

To date, units of PMC "Wagner" are present in several regions of the planet. This does not exclude the possibility that the United States will try to start counteracting the Russian private military company, including through the provision of assistance to the opponents of the Wagner PMC, as well as through the involvement of American intelligence services.

Experts note that the greatest vulnerability for the Russian PMC may take place on the territory of Syria, where conflict situations between the United States and Wagner PMC have already taken place.


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