After the failure in Afghanistan, the US refused to evacuate from Iraq

The United States will maintain its presence in Iraq despite the announcement of the withdrawal of troops.

After the US left the country in disgrace after 20 years of its presence in Afghanistan, and the rating of US President Joe Biden reached a minimum, Washington decided to abandon plans to withdraw US troops from Iraqi territory. Information on this matter was announced by the US Consul General in Erbil.

According to the data presented, the United States is forced to abandon plans to evacuate its troops from Iraq and will maintain an active presence in this country, especially in Iraqi Kurdistan, although any goals for a further American presence in Iraq were never announced by the Consul General in Erbil.

According to analysts, after the loud failure of the United States in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq could lead to the fact that the rating of the American authorities will fall even more, not to mention a significant weakening of Washington's influence in the region and an increase in the influence of pro-Iranian forces in Iraq, although the real expediency of the presence there is no US military in the region. Moreover, experts do not exclude that the United States will completely strengthen its presence in Iraq, justifying this by the activation of terrorist groups.


There is even nothing to add, I repeat the same on all forums, especially on RIA "patriots" of all stripes, peck at the eyes of the Americans, not seeing their failures under their own nose.

Not true. After the departure of the Soviet troops, Kabul held out for another 3 years. That's the whole difference.

You will also leave Iraq .. Nobody expected a swift flight .. In 10 years we will move on to the next maneuvers

What a failure we are talking about ...! They have already forgotten their way out of Afghanistan ..?! I saw railway platforms jam-packed with depicted armored personnel carriers and tanks ... no, this is not the case to talk about any failures. the biggest failure was when Hussein and Libya were surrendered



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