After the provocations of the US Navy in the Peter the Great Gulf, the US Navy destroyer "Donald Cook" was sent to the waters of the Black Sea

The United States sent its missile destroyer to the Russian borders.

A few hours ago, USS Donald Cook DDG-75 left a naval base on the island of Crete, which, according to sources, moved towards the Black Sea. This is a new provocation by the American military after the violation of Russia's territorial waters in the Peter the Great Gulf and the Baltic Sea, to which the Russian military are ready to respond rather harshly in the event of the slightest threat.

It is known that a few days ago the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook" entered the territory of the Court's naval base in Crete, apparently. replenishing supplies for the upcoming visit to the Black Sea. There are no official statements from the United States about sending a warship to the Russian borders, however, to date, the Russian military have provided maximum protection of their borders starting from the very entrance to the Black Sea, while, obviously, Russian patrol ships have already gone to meet the American destroyer.

“Russia knows how to successfully fight ships that pose the slightest threat or go for provocations. If necessary, several bombers, including the Tu-22M3, can be lifted into the skies from the airbase in Crimea, and the Donald Cook crew members can be well turned. The Americans, of course, will not appreciate this and will declare "Russian unprofessionalism", however, a bomber capable of destroying an entire aircraft carrier group will clearly show the Americans who is in charge in the Black Sea ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that last year, the Russian military immediately stopped American provocations at the Russian borders.

Donald Cook, our old acquaintance, went to the Black Sea in vain and will go to change again to throw off his Sailors to Romania

He will soon attack an unidentified torpedo ... you never know they walk in the vastness of the Black Sea ...

So what, what did he do, he constantly enters there and then leaves after our VKS has flown over him.

It's time to rename Cook to "Nasty" or "Restless" :) But chasing several troughs behind one trough !? Yes, and ram ?! So you will not fill your troughs. Amers have more and more of them. Apparently after Kuznetsov in the Russian Federation / USSR there are no worthy naval commanders.

By the sound of dryers in the morning, I have already learned to identify someone approaching the Crimea