After the launch of Israeli missiles towards the Khmeimim airbase, Netanyahu urgently contacted Putin

Israel made the mistake of firing missiles at the Russian military airbase Khmeimim.

Israel openly violated the existing agreements with Russia on maintaining contacts when carrying out strikes on Syria, endangering the lives of the Russian military. Against the background of the launch of several missiles towards the Russian military airbase Khmeimim, although the latter were not aimed at the Russian military facility, it became known that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urgently contacted Vladimir Putin to discuss the incident.

“Today a telephone conversation took place between Putin and Netanyahu. It happened at the initiative of Netanyahu. He aggravated the situation in Syria after the raid. Two attacks in the past 48 hours, one of which was carried out near the Khmeimim airbase. This looks like a new green light request for Syria. Russia may approve of it or not, but it will not be able to control the situation when it starts to grow. Escalation Coming "- said a knowledgeable Syrian source.

It is known that Russian air defense systems did not intercept missiles, even despite the fact that the latter flew in the affected area of ​​the Russian Tor and Pantsir-S complexes, although, as previously reported by the information portal, Russia knew about preparing Israeli strikes and even raised its military aircraft at that time.

It should be noted that earlier, due to the actions of the Israeli military, a Russian plane was shot down, however, the Israeli side again violated the existing agreements, which does not exclude the possibility that the Russian side will join the IDF's countermeasures more closely.