Drone downed Artsakh


After the defeat of the Russian air defense systems "Buk" and the air defense missile system "Pantsir", Turkey ran out of attack drones

Turkey has run out of attack drones, and it can no longer produce new ones.

Russian air defense systems have inflicted irreparable moral and physical damage to the Turkish manufacturer of attack unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2. In less than a year, Russian air defense systems, and we are talking mainly about the Buk-M2E air defense system and the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, have destroyed more than a hundred such unmanned aerial vehicles worth about one billion dollars, and are currently in service with Turkey only about 40-50 drones remain, however, much more remarkable is the fact that Turkey is now unable to produce these drones - the manufacturer Bombardier Recreational Products has deprived the Turkish company of the right to use its engines in these UAVs.

“Recently BRP“ unexpectedly ”for itself learned that the power units produced by its Austrian subsidiary, BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG, are being installed on the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 operational tactical drones (Bayraktar or Standard Bearer), who are actively involved in the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Canadians "thought" that the Turks would install the aforementioned engines on pleasure planes. Now the Turkish company "Baykar Makina", the manufacturer of these drones, was left without engines for them in connection with the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh. The drones were equipped with a Rotax 912 internal combustion engine with a 100 hp push-type propeller. “We recently learned that some Rotax motors are used in military drones. We immediately launched a thorough investigation, "BPR Senior Vice President Martin Langelier, who for some reason was not embarrassed by the use of Bayraktar TB2 drones in Libya and Syria before that, told the Canadian media.", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

According to experts, Ankara could well use the services of Chinese manufacturers, however, Beijing stopped cooperation with Turkey several years ago, which could become a very big problem for Erdogan.

“Russian air defense systems blew up Turkish drones in Syria and Libya, and Canada finally finished off the manufacturer, depriving him of the opportunity to produce such drones. For Erdogan, this is a very serious blow, as orders worth several hundred million dollars may be canceled ", - the expert marks.

Bayraktar has a wingspan of 11 meters and a fuselage of 6,5 meters. Does it look like a sparrow?

We are also looking at the photos, there are Turkish and Israeli ... well done Russians and Armenians.

All over the world, the Armenians dispersed with the sole purpose of surviving the genocide, and did not seek a better life or left to work.

Your indignation is understandable. We sell the engine for 10 rubles, we have a profit of 2 rubles, and then we spend our rocket for 10 rubles on the resulting flying machine. But you can put the cost of our rocket into the engine in advance and make money on a fast turnover.

C400 is possible, but it is not? Where is the logic?
Not to mention the fact that Azerbaijan, which is essentially a vassal of Turkey, is one of the largest buyers of our weapons

Yes, what's the difference what's in the picture ???

All! Keane will not be. The electricity has run out

Hmm ... I do not like you, Armenians, as immodest, arrogant. You don't value kindness. You, as Jews, have spread throughout the world and have grown into power and importance everywhere. And where I lost my logic from the engines to the Armenians. Ah ... a good engine - we should make one.

Do we have them?

Everything is fine there with a photo. Distinctive two red stripes on the tail guide.

S-400 supplies, why not supply engines? Good business, they make drones, Russia knocks them down, and again engines are needed ...

God knows which is more expensive - a rocket or a drone ..
own production with imports is better not to compare.

You are all right with your head, why on earth would Russia supply drone engines to one of its main regional opponents !!!

Do not carry this absurd nonsense, even the Americans do not produce their drones in such quantities, the Turks do not produce anything of their own in aviation, all planes and drones in Turkey are assembled either under license or from imported components !!!

Anything on the photo but not a Turkish drone. You at least look at the pictures, how they look.

Yes, everything is correct in all Internet articles Russian shells beeches torah wasps pussy willow needles arrows bombed all Bairaktars and even from the factories where they are produced and the factories where the factories for their production are produced

Yeah they put 500. This is about 5 billion pulls, of course they put it. They probably didn't do that much. Why is there 500, WRITE 5000 will be so scary.

Thanks to the efforts and protests of the Armenian diaspora, Turkish UAV parts suppliers refused to supply

Big money unites even the worst enemies. There are engines. For example through third parties.

It is necessary to fix not only the cost of the air defense missile and the drone, but also the damage that the drone inflicts on manpower and equipment, and this is the main thing

6 drones with auxiliary equipment and two control stations (standard kit) cost $ 70 million. Only 400 units of drones were released over the years.

The Thor rocket costs about 150k rubles, the Shell is cheaper.

Che is only 500? Write a million, why feel sorry for the Armenians. I think if the Azerbaijanis had 500 more or less modern attack drones, they would have feasted in Yerevan, because the Armenians' army is armed mainly at the level of the late 70s

The cost of the Bayraktor is 70 million bucks for 6 devices + 2 control stations. In total, the Turkish army has less than 100 units. + other security officials had a few of them. Therefore, Azerbaijan cannot have 500 Bayraktors in any way, there are not so many of them in nature. It can't even be 50. Turks recently, somehow, 8 pcs. in Libya they were collected by their military, instead of downed ones. All this is easily found on the Internet.

Are you laughing ?, the Turks only delivered more than 500 bairaktar to Azerbaijan, and then they themselves shot down 100 and they ended hahaha ...
Then one more thing, those batches of engines that were ordered earlier, they will still be delivered under the terms of contracts, the Canadians will not return the money, they have already spent it))), they will have to fulfill the conditions, and yes, they will not conclude new contracts

Russia or Ukraine will probably be able to supply the necessary engines

There are no objectively confirmed ones. Those. there are no 9s. One Saudi "Shell" is confirmed, the rest is a pitchfork on the water. But strike drones for some reason stopped flying in Libya.

And you consider the harm that the UAV could inflict and compare only then with the cost of the Pantsir rocket By the way, they are not that expensive and This is not the S-400

BUK for such a small goal? we know how to shoot sparrows from a cannon ...

Yes, although if it is cheaper in bulk, but also auxiliary systems are needed

the devil only knows what is more expensive - a rocket or a drone .... war is always a loss, if we talk only about money, direct money, and after all there are such concepts as the reputation of our military-industrial complex, security, national pride, etc. , which over time are converted into the same money ...

kamikaze drones are produced in Baku in huge quantities, and Israel supplies some types. There will be no deficiency

Don't talk nonsense!
Rotaxes are everywhere in the millions. They are installed from autodirs to small planes. Their shaft! Around. There they pour 1 mobile oil. Or any other automobile. In short, do not make me laugh. By the way, our drones also have rotaxes.

100x10 = 1 billion, if that.

~ $ 70 million for the minimum standard delivery, consisting of 6 drones, 2 control stations and auxiliary equipment

And you thought that they cost them "for nothing" ... however))

From my own experience, I know that equipment in the hands of a savage is a heap of scrap metal. Even to use a spoon and a fork must be taught to a person, and I'm not talking about complex military equipment. For many samples of equipment, we already had soldiers with a complete secondary education, and what can we say about the soldiers of many foreign countries, who only in the army began to study the alphabet. It's one thing to run through the jungle or deserts with a submachine gun or a flintlock, and another thing to use the most complicated military equipment. Therefore, there is no reason to blame the mirror if the face is crooked.

Firstly, more than 100 attack drones were eliminated and the amount was about 1 billion. This is no longer 10 lamas. And secondly, how much do you think the IMPACT drone is worth?

I would like comparative statistics for the cost of one drone and the cost of ammunition spent on its destruction.

~ $ 70 million for the minimum standard delivery, consisting of 6 drones, 2 control stations and auxiliary equipment

For export, Bayraktar costs 10 million, yes. And that's a fact. For his army allegedly 5 million. As it is in reality HZ.

In Libya, we can confidently say that only two Pantsyr have been lost. One was captured, the second burned out in the hangar. It's all. Turkish animators were honored to make exactly one normal cartoon, where one can assume the defeat of a machine similar to Pantsyr. Total 2 reliable, 1 likely.
In Libya, the Turks lost at least 18 Bayraktars. See Aviation Security Network.
Bayraktar for export is worth at least 10 million bucks. for their army allegedly 5 million dollars ...
So these are the facts.

You must be able to lie. $ 1 billion for 100 drones ???!
Is 1 drone worth 10 lemons?

This was to be expected, our ineffective shells and old beeches stuffed these drones in Syria since March, not a single Turkish drone does not fly, weaned off in Libya, too, in Karabakh, there were not more than a dozen of them, there were almost no very expensive toys left that are effective only in the first days then the air clicks like seeds

In Libya, just Turkish drones 9 "Pantsir" were destroyed.
In Turkey, UAVs are produced in sufficient quantities.