Recep Tayyip Erdogan


After disagreements with Russia, Turkey wants to provide Biden with data on Russian S-400s in exchange for F-35 fighters

After a disagreement with Russia, Turkey wants to restore relations with the United States.

Serious disagreements between Turkey and Russia over Syria and Karabakh forced Ankara to return to the issue of rapprochement with Washington. One of the key moments in the cardinal improvement of relations between Turkey and the United States may be the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, information on the work of which is of great interest to Washington.

“Turkey is counting on improving relations with NATO partners by moving closer to the administration of US President-elect Joseph Biden. At the same time, Ankara may push for a revision of its foreign policy, it can push "growing disagreements" with Moscow against the background of the divergence of their interests in Libya and Syria. This can also be facilitated by the deterioration of relations between the two countries after "Turkey invaded the backyard of Russia in the Caucasus, supporting Azerbaijan" in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. ", - the Russian news agency "TASS" informs about it, referring to the information of Western media.

According to experts, in addition to data on Russian S-400s, Turkey has nothing more to offer Washington, and, judging by the fact that sanctions against Ankara for the purchase of Russian S-400s have not yet been imposed, the United States is obviously also interested in establishing relations with Ankara.


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So, was it worth selling the air defense system to a potential enemy? Let's hope that the developers have foreseen this ... And there will be a surprise, at the right time, though we will still be in the red, we gave it on credit.

And also the NPP strom, also on credit ... How was this allowed?