After the MiG-29 strike, only a multi-meter funnel remained from the Turkish air defense system

The exact strike of the MiG-29 fighter left only the multi-meter funnel from the Turkish MIM-23 Hawk complex.

Satellite images of the Al-Vatiya airbase captured by the Turkish military appeared on the Web, which subsequently housed the Turkish air defense systems MIM-23 Hawk. After only a few days, after the MiG-29 fighter’s strike, and this information was confirmed in the ranks of representatives of the Libyan National Army, only multi-meter funnels were in place of the deployed air defense systems, and the fragments of Turkish complexes were scattered within a radius of several hundred meters.

In the satellite images presented, it can be seen that Russian-made fighters accurately hit the deployment sites of Turkish air defense systems. Apparently, the air strikes were delivered with the utmost accuracy, and although it was previously stated that the attack was carried out by the UAE Air Force Mirage 2000 fighters, the sources clarify that it was the LNA Air Force fighters, which, taking into account the accuracy of the air strikes, suggests that it was the MiG that worked -29.

It should be noted that instead of the destroyed MIM-23 “Hawk” systems, Turkey has already deployed Ukrainian-made S-125 complexes at the Al-Vatiya airbase, in connection with which, new LVA attacks can follow both in the coming days and in the coming days hours.