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After strikes by unknown planes on the Taliban, Russian military aircraft were spotted on the border with Afghanistan

A large number of Russian military aircraft were seen on the border with Afghanistan.

After it became known around midnight that a group of unknown planes attacked the positions of the Taliban forces (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) In Panjshir, it became known that at the same time on the border Tajikistan and Afghanistan saw a very high activity of Russian military and civilian aircraft. The information is more than relevant against the background of the fact that Tajikistan was suspected of strikes against the Taliban, although the leadership of the terrorist movement did not confirm this information.

“The airspace of Tajikistan was overactive all night. Russian military aircraft could be heard in the sky all night. ", - reports "Alpha Defense".

What exactly is the reason for the high activity of Russian military aircraft is unknown. Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that against the background of the Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan, Russia could have delivered additional military equipment to Tajikistan, although there are no official statements on this score.

A little earlier, there was evidence that the attacks on the Taliban in Panjshir could have been inflicted by former Afghan soldiers who fled from Afghanistan to Tajikistan, but official Dushanbe does not confirm this information.

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Wouldn't it be better to connect the strikes against the Taliban with the death of 13 Americans at the Kabul airport, and not with the activity of Russian aviation outside of Afghanistan?



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