After Biden's threats, the Taliban recalled that the Americans had 48 hours to fulfill the ultimatum

After Biden's threats, the Taliban recalled that the United States had 48 hours left to fulfill the ultimatum.

In an attempt by US President Joe Biden to prove to the Taliban the decisiveness of American forces in Afghanistan, the US leader suddenly decided to start threatening the Taliban, stating that in the event of obstacles to the evacuation of American servicemen, a lightning-fast response would follow, although at the moment the Taliban ( the terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) fully adheres to the previously given guarantees. In response to such a statement by Biden, the Taliban reminded the United States that the American military and diplomats had less than two days left to get out of the Kabul airport before it was occupied by militants.

About a day ago, members of the Taliban set the United States a new condition for the safe stay of American forces at the Kabul airport, which consists in restoring order in the air harbor after civilians are banal from leaving the country, not provided with water, etc.

Experts note that the intentions of the Taliban are very serious and, obviously, the United States is well aware of this, realizing that they do not have time to evacuate several thousand servicemen and hundreds of diplomats.

“After the United States reported on the complete withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan (and it turned out that there are several thousand more troops in the country), the Taliban no longer intend to joke with the Americans. It is obvious that in 48 hours the militants will keep their word and enter the airport territory. ", - the expert marks.


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