After Erdogan’s threats, Russia sent “incineration machines” to Syria

In the north-east of Syria, they noticed the Russian "machine for the incineration of Turkish convoys."

The regular attacks of the Turkish army on the positions of the Syrian forces in Idlib and Aleppo, and the transfer of hundreds of armored vehicles across the Syrian border, did not go unnoticed for Moscow. To mitigate the threat posed by Erdogan’s army, Russia sent a unique fighting vehicle to the Syrian Aleppo, which still has no analogues in the world — the TOS-1A Solntsepek MLRS, which is capable of destroying the positions of terrorists with hundreds of people and turning armored vehicles into a pile of metal.

According to sources, at least three TOS-1A Solntsek MLRSs were deployed from the western part of Syria to the north-west, which obviously indicates the fact that the Syrian troops, with the assistance of Russia, are ready not only to destroy jihadists in hundreds in one salvo but also smash the Turkish military convoys.

“The area of ​​defeat of the Solntseop is about 40 thousand square meters. In just one volley, a jet flamethrower can burn a huge military convoy or destroy a detachment of terrorists from several hundred militants. You cannot hide from TOS in shelters and you cannot protect yourself from it ”, - the expert marks.