After NATO threats, three Tu-160 strategic bombers were spotted at the air base in Olenegorsk

At the airbase in Olenegorsk, satellites spotted Tu-160 strategic bombers.

Reasons for the deployment of strategic bombers-missile carriers at the airbase Tu-160, capable of carrying nuclear weapons are still unknown, however, the aircraft were discovered here after NATO threats against Russia. However, when exactly the Russian strategic aviation aircraft arrived here remains unknown.

Due to the absence of any official statements from the Russian defense department, so far the purpose of transferring Tu-160 strategic bombers to the Olenegorsk air base remains unknown. However, this, presumably, may be due to the conduct of exercises involving such aircraft, which will probably become known in the near future. The exercises themselves can be connected with the development of the goals and tasks assigned to the strategic forces of Russia.

Tu-160 strategic bombers carry nuclear weapons, which is a good reminder to Western countries that the Russian side will not tolerate any threats against it and is ready to give an appropriate response to any provocation.


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