Armored vehicles of Russia


After threats from Turkey, Russia sent a large landing ship loaded with armored vehicles to Syria

After Turkish threats to withdraw from the deal with Russia on Syria, Russian armored vehicles were sent to the Arab republic.

Turkey's attempt to put military pressure on Russia in Syria resulted in the fact that the Russian military sent a large landing ship "Orsk" to the Arab republic, which, judging by a photograph taken in the Bosphorus, transports a large number of heavy armored vehicles. This is indicated by its sediment.

Turkey not only announced the beginning of a new large-scale military operation in Syria, in which it is supposed to seize the territory from Tel Rifat to Aleppo, but also blamed Russia for the deaths of its servicemen, citing the fact that Russia is cooperating with Kurdish armed groups and does not fulfill the conditions of the previously concluded deal between Moscow and Ankara. Apparently, such statements by Recep Erdogan and Mevlut Cavusoglu turned out to be so unacceptable that Russia began to transfer additional military equipment to Syria, moreover, not only by aircraft, as previously reported, but also by landing ships.

In the presented photograph, taken in the Bosphorus, you can see the Russian large landing ship "Orsk", which is quite heavily loaded. It is not known what exactly might be on board the Orsk large landing craft. Given the likely aggression from Turkey, heavy tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy flamethrower systems and other weapons can be transported, which, by the way, will also be used against terrorists in Idlib, Aleppo, Latakia and other regions of Syria.

According to official data, the Orsk large landing craft can hold up to 20 main battle tanks, or 45 armored personnel carriers, or 50 trucks. At the same time, ammunition is almost certainly on board.

Do you want the tsiferki 148 to be half hidden in the ode?

How else, when one of our rocket can make a strait in another place

And the Turks missed the ship with the equipment that is going to fight against them?

The route is through the straits or around Africa, along the route laid by the notorious construction ship SP2

Judging by the waterline, it is not very loaded