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After threats against the Russian PMC, the French military base was subjected to massive rocket fire

A French military base in Mali has come under rocket fire after criticizing a Russian PMC.

After the French authorities sharply criticized the appearance in Mali of mercenaries from the Russian private military company, and a group of the French military tried to break into the area where the Russian military was located, it became known that the French military base located in Gao, subjected to heavy rocket fire.

“The French military base in Gao came under rocket attack on Saturday evening. There are no victims. Dozens of protesters gathered this morning at Independence Square in Mali. Thousands of Malians marched in the capital in response to protest calls to condemn the French intervention in Mali and demand the withdrawal of Operation Barkhane forces. Last week, just a day after France violated Malian airspace, Paris said its military was not going anywhere anytime soon.", - reports the publication "Al Mayadeen".

A few hours before the attack on the French military base in Gao, the French military tried to break into the territory of the country controlled by government forces, where, according to some information, Russian mercenaries who arrived in Mali are also located, however, under the threat of the use of force, the movement of the French military was blocked .

Given that the presence of the French military in Mali is illegal, experts do not exclude that Russian mercenaries may begin to squeeze French troops out of this country.

As under the USSR, international debt, in different parts of the world ..

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So let's look at this retaliatory strike.

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