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After Finland joins NATO, the length of Russia's border with the military bloc will double

Experts have shown what Finland's accession to NATO means.

The accession of Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance threatens to double the total length of Russia's border with NATO. This will provide an opportunity for the deployment of a large number of NATO contingents in the region and will clearly pose a threat to Russia.

Experts note that a twofold increase in the length of Russia's border with NATO will create additional difficulties for strengthening control over it, and taking into account the current aggressive policy of NATO towards the Russian side and the Alliance's refusal to provide security guarantees to Russia, clearly indicate some very dangerous plans of the military bloc.

In the presented image, you can see the current length of the border between Russia and NATO member countries and the length of the border if Finland is still accepted into NATO, although at least two countries, Croatia and Turkey, speak extremely negatively about this. A twofold increase in the border clearly creates unfavorable conditions in the region, however, the Russian side has repeatedly stated that it intends to respond harshly to NATO expansion, especially towards its own borders.