After the visit of the Russian military to Libya, Haftar's army unexpectedly appeared with S-200 complexes

Haftar's army unexpectedly took possession of one of the most powerful air defense systems.

After several Russian military aircraft made a series of mysterious visits to Libyan territory at once, several modernized S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems appeared at once in service with the Haftar army, having a very long range of destruction of aerodynamic targets, even by today's standards. Experts believe that the missiles and launchers for the LNA armament could have been delivered by Russian military transport aircraft.

According to Libyan sources, to date, the Libyan National Army has at least two modernized S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems, and in the LNA declare that the military independently modernized these complexes, although it is quite obvious that Haftar's army has neither the resources nor the necessary knowledge.

“The only country that today can work with such air defense systems is Russia and this is no secret to anyone. Statements of the LNA on the modernization of the complexes on its own clearly go beyond reality, especially since there are simply no such specialists and production facilities in Libya ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that the first S-200 complexes appeared at the LNA at the end of September this year, however, there are no details on this yet.

Export S-200 was delivered to Libya in the late 70s. The performance characteristics of missiles and Target Illumination by Radar (PCR) most likely remained relevant even without modernization (especially if the potential enemy does not expect their use or his Armed Forces are in the same state as the PNS in Libya now). By the way. the only ones who more or less accurately followed the instructions for the use of technology were the Syrians, and from that their air defense was in the 70-80s the best in the Middle East. The rest seemed to selectively fulfill the technical conditions ... In 1983, the Gaddafi troops managed to shoot down 3 US aircraft with THREE missiles, but ... then some (maybe many) air defense systems were seriously damaged by the US response.

As for the specialists .. Libya should not be equated with banana empires. Specialists from Libya have been trained in Russia since Soviet times. And they study well

Hello! I think that there is nothing surprising in this, everyone sells weapons, this is a profitable business and Russia is no exception.