After explosions in Crimea, US Air Force F-18 fighters appeared over the Black Sea

A group of F-18 fighters was spotted over the Black Sea a few hours after the explosions in the Dzhankoy area.

American F-18 fighters were spotted over the waters of the Black Sea at about 11 o'clock Moscow time. It is known that the flight of the latter was very long, however, it is noteworthy that the air base from which the combat aircraft took off is unknown, since the fighters began to be tracked only when they approached the waters of the Black Sea.

In the presented images, you can see the route along which at least two US Air Force F-18 fighters flew. As in previous cases, combat aircraft flew along the same trajectory, however, which is quite remarkable, with sufficiently capacious fuel tanks of fighters, the latter almost immediately began refueling in the air, which caused a number of questions as to where the latter followed.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the appearance of F-18 combat aircraft over Romania and the waters of the Black Sea is an accident, or whether the latter could try to track the situation on the territory of Crimea with their systems, however, a similar situation was previously observed during explosions at the air base in Saki.


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