The consequences of the strike by the American howitzer M777 were filmed from a drone

The American M777 howitzers delivered to Ukraine turned out to be extremely powerful and long-range.

The American M777 howitzers delivered to Ukraine a few days ago proved to be extremely powerful and very long-range. One of the strikes with such an artillery gun was filmed from an unmanned aerial vehicle. As a result of a strike from a distance of about 25 kilometers (the maximum strike range for such howitzers is 30 kilometers - editor's note), a huge funnel with a diameter of several meters was formed.

In the image provided, an unmanned aerial vehicle allegedly captured a crater resulting from a 155 mm impact. American howitzer M777. The estimated diameter of the funnel is about 6-8 meters, which indicates a fairly large explosion power.

Judging by the picture taken by the unmanned aerial vehicle, no targets were hit. However, such a large funnel indicates that if there were any equipment or objects nearby, the latter would receive very serious damage.

To date, it is known that at least 90 M777 artillery pieces have arrived in Ukraine.