The consequences of the explosion on the American landing ship: in the deck of a hole the size of a truck - the ship is only to be decommissioned

The fire on board the American landing ship has been extinguished, but the destruction is colossal.

Firefighters failed to save the USS Bonhomme Richard, an American landing craft, despite all the efforts made to do so. As a result of the explosion and the prolonged exposure to high temperature, the landing craft was completely destroyed - all the internal premises were completely burnt out, the superstructure collapsed, and gaping holes the size of a truck appeared in the deck.

The enormous damage sustained by the American landing ship is estimated as critical - the cost of building a new ship will probably be cheaper than the restoration of the “burner”, and this is a very serious loss for the American fleet, especially considering the fact that the landing ship “USS Bonhomme Richard "Was commissioned in 1998.

At the moment, it still remains unknown what exactly contributed to the explosion and the occurrence of a fire, although on this account there are versions of ignition wiring, detonation of ammunition, etc.

It should be noted that it took almost two days to extinguish the USS Bonhomme Richard UDC, however, the fire continued until, in fact, all combustible elements of the ship were destroyed.