Look what the Russian missile did with the Turkish armored personnel carrier

The Russian missile left no chance for the Turkish armored personnel carrier.

The short confrontation between the Syrian and Turkish military this spring resulted in a very serious blow to the reputation of Turkish arms. One example of this is the literally completely rotated Turkish armored personnel carrier ACV-15, which was literally flashed with a fired Russian missile.

In the photographs presented, it can be seen that, on the one hand, the damage sustained by the Turkish armored personnel carrier can be called uncritical, however, photographs taken on the other side of the armored vehicle demonstrate that the ACV-15 is even impossible to recover - part of its armor has literally turned into dust.

According to experts, it seems that the Russian missile launched pierced the frontal armored part of the Turkish armored personnel carrier and exploded inside, as evidenced by the completely burnt out internal space and the landing hatches torn from the hinges. The roof of the armored personnel carrier is also missing, which indicates that the temperature inside the armored vehicle at the time of the explosion and fire approached several thousand degrees

According to preliminary estimates, the blow was delivered from an anti-tank missile system, obviously equipped with a cumulative warhead, which completely leveled the armor of the Turkish combat vehicle.

An armored personnel carrier, it seems, is of Dutch manufacture.

Damage sustained by a Russian armored personnel carrier
So Turkish or Russian?

why do we need this iron?

From the text to the photo it turns out that the armored personnel carrier is in front of the Russian and Turkish in the back?